All indications are that the Canadian anti-SPAM legislation (CASL) will not come into force until 2013.

News reports that the Minister of Industry has indicated that implementation of the law will not come into force soon.

Two sets of regulations had been released for comment last year.  After consultations, so far only one set of the regulations (CRTC) have been re-released.  The regulations stipulate what information must be included in a commercial electronic message.  The revised CRTC regulations eased the requirements for the unsubscribe mechanism stating "that information may be posted on a page on the World Wide Web that is readily accessible by the person to whom the message is sent... [and] ... clearly and prominently set out in the message."

In the meantime, organizations that send commercial electronic messages - particularly marketing by email or other means of electronic communication - should be developing systems and processes regarding the required consents so they can hit the ground running when the time comes.