Ontario has introduced its long-awaited Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The Ontario PNP program is employer-driven and is designed to help employers in targeted sectors address labour shortages. The PNP will help some Ontario employers attract and retain foreign workers on a permanent basis.

The Employer Category is divided into three streams: professionals, skilled workers and international students. Eligibility is limited to 20 specific occupations in four sectors: health, education, manufacturing and construction (see Occupations List). The employer must also meet eligibility criteria including having at least $1 million in gross revenue and 5 permanent full-time employees.

The Ontario PNP also has a Multinational Investor category that may be used to provide work permits and permanent resident status for key foreign personnel coming to Ontario where a company is making an investment in Ontario of over $10 million which will create at least 25 net permanent full-time positions.

Ontario Government announces program to make it easier for employers to attract skilled immigrants

Overview of Ontario's Pilot Provincial Nominee Program

Eligible Occupations under Ontario PNP