Public data as you’ve never seen it before. Enter the Public Data Corporation (stage left).

The aim of the PDC is to bring public bodies and data into one organisation in order to promote accessibility and efficiency. It is intended to create a “centre of excellence” for collecting, holding and managing public data as well as making more data free at the point of use to promote value for money for taxpayers.

The development of the PDC however, is very much in the early stages and they are in the midst of an information gathering exercise. This is currently centred around data sets and data products created by public sector organisations focussed on registration activities, environmental issues, critical infrastructure and the built environment. A forum has been set up for individuals and organisations that use such data products to provide their thoughts, and a summary of responses will hopefully be published shortly.

Further details can be found on the PDC page which can be accessed here.  

The idea is for the PDC to be operational by April 2011 and it could generate an industry worth up to £6 billion. There is also a possibility that part of the corporation will be privatised, and will be used to manage high value data sets.

One lucky individual may also be able to cover themselves in glory, as the Cabinet Office is even willing to listen to suggestions of a new name for the organisation. Clean suggestions only!