Is there a shift in opinion in how we should see our built environment? A number of reports have recently been published.

Greener planning, Greener UK was published by the Horticultural Trades Association as part of its Greening the UK Campaign. Written by leading environmental adviser Chris Baines and endorsed by the Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the booklet provides encouragement to local planning authorities to promote more planting and green space in developments. Local authorities are urged to incorporate green planting as part of the implementation of their planning policies.

At the beginning of November 2009, Natural England launched A Natural Development, to demonstrate how both large and small scale development can incorporate green infrastructure in practice. Natural England wants to ensure that green infrastructure is delivered as an integral component in all development and regeneration. The organisation is seeking to work across England in partnership with planning authorities and regeneration partnerships as well as housing developers to plan, design and deliver green infrastructure that provides multiple benefits.

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, the Government’s adviser on architecture, urban design and public space has published a report, Grey to Green: how we shift funding and skills to green our cities. The foreword to the report states: “It is now time to convene a green infrastructure taskforce, to galvanise us all to create great green places”.