In February 2011, SEC staff in the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examination (OCIE) outlined priorities for the upcoming year in remarks given at the CCOutreach National Seminar, the PLI Investment Management Institute Conference and in an interview with Ignites. Despite uncertainty about OCIE's budget, SEC staff stated that OCIE is moving forward with new and expanded initiatives, including a certification program and expanded training for examiners and a national exam program to make the examination process more efficient. OCIE also will seek to conduct more targeted exams in order to gather detailed information on registrants and, accordingly, OCIE may issue exam notices up to three months in advance. Furthermore, OCIE plans to take what examiners learn about effective practices and risk concerns and provide more guidance to registrants through ComplianceAlerts or similar releases. OCIE’s primary risk focus areas for 2011 are said to include valuation, conflicts of interest where certain accounts are favored over others, portfolio management where there is a drift in advertised strategy, performance and marketing, asset verification and governance and risk management.