If there is one truism in the world of digital media, it is the simple fact that our technology and consumption habits are evolving in tandem with one another and at an exponential rate. This compounding effect of innovation is largely what makes this industry such a fascinating field to examine and discuss. We have stated this before but really can’t emphasize it enough; disruption is no longer some blue moon occurrence, but rather a normative and pervading force that is continually catalyzing market opportunities.

However, it is important to remember that disruption stems from a variety of localities. In the context of the tech/digital startup scene, Silicon Valley is still without question the first destination that comes to people’s minds. And while it certainly exists as a primary hub and has played an important role in putting the United States at the forefront of innovation, there are a number of other burgeoning hotspots. In the first piece of our monthly newsletter we hear from Mary Ermitanio who highlights our home city of Los Angeles and its growing role within the digital startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, while the U.S. remains the largest market for absolute dollar growth, a shift is underway. PwC’s Global Media Outlook (2016–2020) recently found that, in the majority of developing markets, entertainment and media spending is growing more rapidly than their respective economies at large. This is due in part to their demographic makeups, which contain sizeable youth populations. These consumers are digitally fluent, technology adept and far more likely to become early adopters. As a result, the growth of digital is becoming a global endeavor, with developing markets playing a sizeable role in pushing the ball forward.

In light of this global trend, it is somewhat fitting that our latest event took place south of the border. Manatt Digital is an organization that prides itself on being in the mix for all happenings related to the exciting world of digital media. As part of this ongoing effort, our Managing Director Eunice Shin recently attended the “Mita Tech Talks” in Punta Mita, Mexico.

This annual event is a premier technology and venture capital event for Latin America, focused on providing a forum for cross-border opportunities and networking. During her time at the event, Eunice presented an overview of the evolving digital content market in Mexico. This presentation highlighted key findings from a recent thought leadership piece authored by Manatt Digital’s Jacob Carlson and was also presented during the event. We have featured an abridged version of this article below along with a link to the full version. We hope you enjoy our February newsletter!