Great Harvest Franchising, Inc. and two franchisees of Great Harvest Bread Co. have filed a lawsuit against Panera Bread Co., alleging the company has been using a tagline—“Food as it should be”—that infringes on Great Harvest’s trademarked slogan, “Bread. The way it ought to be.” Great Harvest Franchising, Inc. v. Panera Bread Co., No. 16-0121 (W.D.N.C., Charlotte Div., filed March 10, 2016). Great Harvest estab- lished its tagline in October 2014 and registered the mark in December 2015, and it alleges that Panera began using its similar slogan in July 2015. The plaintiffs seek an injunction, destruction of infringing mate- rials and damages for allegations of unfair competition, trademark infringement and false designation of origin.