The Healthcare Quality Commissioner Bill 2014 (Vic) was introduced into the Victorian Parliament on 2 September 2014.  If passed, the Bill will repeal the Health Services (Conciliation and Review) Act 1987 (Vic) (“Act”) and introduce a modernised system for complaints about the provision of health care.  The Bill proposes to establish the Healthcare Quality Commissioner and the Healthcare Quality Council, and aims to provide greater flexibility in determining the most effective and responsive way to resolve a complaint.

The Bill is the result of a review of the Act undertaken by an Expert Review Panel which commenced in 2012.  The Panel made several recommendations, including proposals for legislative reform and practice change.  The Victorian Government has recently released its response to the Panel’s final report, noting that the reforms proposed in the Bill will consolidate Victoria’s position as a leader in healthcare complaints resolution.

The Panel was chaired by Russell Kennedy’s Michael Gorton AM. Michael will be discussing the key features of the proposed reforms in a seminar on 26 September 2014.  To view the invitation, click here.

To view the Bill, click here

To view the Panel’s final report, click here.

To view the Victorian Government's response, click here.