The Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), an arm of the United States Department of Justice, made over 130 arrests in Puerto Rico for drug trafficking charges on October 6, 2010. Notably, the arrests included 89 police officers, and the investigation appears to be the FBI's largest ever into police corruption. The Puerto Rican police department cooperated and assisted with the inquiry.

The charges indicate that since July 2008, the corrupt law enforcement officers provided security for 125 drug transactions in exchange for cash payments ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $4,000. Video surveillance was a major part of the investigation, and officers were allegedly caught discussing smuggling drugs into jail, and selling weapons to criminals. As evidence of the FBI's commitment to eradicating such corruption, the US government posted 750 undercover agents in Puerto Rico to investigate alongside the 160 resident on the island. The wrongdoing allegedly took place throughout Puerto Rico and the FBI does not believe that a single conspiracy is to blame, but that numerous police officers across the island recruited the participation of others on a small scale. Puerto Rico has suffered from problems associated with drug trafficking for years, and its police department has been accused of corruption in the past, so this FBI investigation evidences a meaningful commitment to improving the public's trust in law enforcement.