Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has plans to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the consequences of climate change in Columbus, to create a community that is “beautiful, healthy and prosperous,” according to a recent Hannah Report. Coleman unveiled his third five-year community-wide sustainability plan, The Columbus Green Community Plan: Green Memo III, at a recent Columbus Metropolitan Club luncheon, in which he outlines “a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from city operations by 30 percent and by 20 percent from the community by 2020.” Coleman said his plan includes 178 recommendations in nine focus areas, including energy, transportation, climate change and waste reduction, among others. Some of the actions the city will take as part of the plan include identifying “opportunities to create renewable backup power systems for areas of refuge and emergency facilities during prolonged power outage situations” and studying the “effects of climate change on the drinking water supply, public health and storm water management.” City council member Michelle Mills, who chairs the Environment Committee, said, “This sustainability plan will help hold city leadership and the community accountable for the progress we are making toward creating a cleaner Columbus.”