Hall of Famer and career third basemen for the Royals, George Brett, is facing a class action suit brought by an unhappy fan over alleged false advertising.  And no, this one has nothing to do with any far-fetched claims that the Royals might someday find their way to the postseason again. 

Iowa resident Seth Thompson paid $30 for a Brett Bros. Sports International "iconic" necklace advertised for its healing and wellness powers, such as reducing sports fatigue and improving concentration and focus.  Surprise!  Seth says the necklace did not deliver and that he and all other purchasers of the necklaces are entitled to damages under Iowa's "Private Right of Action for Consumer Frauds Act."

Plaintiff's decision to bring this action under the Iowa state law is somewhat odd given that he alleges his class would comprise "thousands of consumers throughout the United States of America." 

Read the complaint here.