On 15 June 2017, the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Julie Bishop, announced that Australia’s Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Ukraine has come into force, following the completion of both governments’ respective treaty processes. The announcement stated:

The Nuclear Cooperation Agreement enables Australia to export uranium to Ukraine, one of the world’s top ten generators of nuclear power.

All exports of Australian uranium will be subject to internationally agreed security standards, and ongoing security risk assessment and contingency planning. Exports will also be controlled to ensure Australian nuclear material is only used for peaceful purposes.

Under the Agreement, the use of Australian nuclear material for the development of weapons or explosive devices is strictly prohibited.

The Agreement will also enhance cooperation between Australia and Ukraine on nuclear-related activities, including nuclear safeguards, security, safety and science.

Australia recognises the importance of security of supply of nuclear power to Ukraine to maintain standards of living. This Agreement provides Ukraine with the opportunity to diversify its energy supply and provide a reliable alternative to Russian sourced uranium.