On September 2 2015 President Michelle Bachelet announced that the logo design for the 'Chile' origin mark has changed.

The origin mark is a logo that can be used only for products that originate in Chile following authorisation from the Ministry of Economy. In order to apply for authorisation, the applicant must have previously obtained a geographical indication, a denomination of origin, a collective trademark or a certification trademark for products of Chilean origin from the National Institute of Industrial Property in accordance with the Industrial Property Act (19,039).

The programme aims to ensure that authorised products are of a recognised quality and reputation, or have other relevant characteristics associated primarily or exclusively with their geographical origin which identify them with Chile and its heritage.

The origin mark aims to differentiate these products on the market so that consumers can easily identify them among similar products, thus promoting the use and protection of Chilean produce.(1)

Examples of products that already bear the origin mark include Chile Olive Oil, Calidad Aysén Patagonia-Chile, Limón de Pica and Sandía de Paine; applications for Aceitunas de Azapa and Sidra de Punucapa are also being processed.

For further information on this topic please contact Victoria Santis at Montt y Cia SA by telephone (+56 22 233 8266) or email (vsantis@monttcia.cl). The Montt y Cia SA website can be accessed at www.monttcia.cl.


(1) For further details please see www.sellodeorigen.cl.

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