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In our annual update seminar, we review the key employment law developments from the past 12 months and look forward to what we can expect in the year ahead, enabling you to plan effectively. We will monitor developments up to the time of the seminar, however topics likely to be included are:

  • COVID-19: what are the remaining issues for employers?
  • Fire and re-hire: the P&O effect and a new code of practice
  • Whistleblowing: dismissals that are motivated by others
  • Unfair dismissal: when resignations become dismissals
  • Discrimination round up: gender critical beliefs and the importance of ongoing staff training
  • Menopause issues in the workplace
  • The Employment Bill: extending redundancy protection before/after maternity leave
  • ESG: what it means for HR/in house legal teams
  • Hybrid working: what are the challenges and employment law pitfalls
  • Immigration round-up: latest changes in the UK rules, the impact of Brexit and the “work from anywhere” concept.