Blockchain could power stock markets in the future

The technological innovation known as blockchain has now become widely discussed on Wall Street and some advocates of the technology have expressed the opinion that it could "change the world". Several banks have stated that it could speed up the settlement of stock trades but others foresee wider usage such as cracking down on music piracy and even child labour.

Business Insider UK, 16 October 2016

PSR speech - BBA Future of Payments Conference 2016

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has published a speech given by its Managing Director, Hannah Nixon, held at the British Bankers' Association Future of Payments Conference on 13 October 2016.

Payment Systems Regulator, 13 October 2016 

PSR responses to their final report on the ownership and competitiveness of infrastructure provision in payment systems

The Payment Systems Regulator has published the responses to its final report on the ownership and competitiveness of infrastructure provisions to allow all stakeholders to view the feedback they received.

Payment Systems Regulator, 13 October 2016


UK financial services after Brexit – Open Europe report

Open Europe has published a report looking at how the current financial services ‘passport’ operates in reality and its relative importance to different financial sectors. It also considers how UK firms could continue to access European markets if the UK decides not to stay in the single market. 

Open Europe, 17 October 2016

Bitcoin price rise

The price of bitcoin has reached its highest level since August. This is the biggest rise since the so-called summer slump caused by a number of bitcoin hacks which saw bitcoin losing $100 in value.

MarketWatch, 14 October 2016

Mobile payments triple in Europe

A new survey of digital payments has shown that the adoption of digital payments has shifted drastically in Europe over the past year. The number of people who regularly use a mobile phone to make everyday payments has tripled according to Visa's poll of 36,800 online consumers in 19 European countries. This shows a 36% increase from the same survey conducted last year. 

Warc, 13 October 2016