The staggered deadlines for filing Biennial Ownership Reports by noncommercial radio and television stations remain in effect and are tied to each station’s respective license renewal filing deadline.

Noncommercial radio stations licensed to communities in Iowa and Missouri, and noncommercial television stations licensed to communities in Alaska, American Samoa, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, the Mariana Islands, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Saipan, the Virgin Islands, and Washington must electronically file their Biennial Ownership Reports by October 1, 2012. Licensees must file using FCC Form 323-E, and must also place the form as filed in their stations’ public inspection files. Television stations are responsible for assuring that a copy of the form is posted to their online public inspection files at

In 2009, the FCC issued a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comments on whether the Commission should adopt a single national filing deadline for all noncommercial radio and television broadcast stations like the one that the FCC has established for all commercial radio and television sta¬tions. That proceeding remains pending without decision. As a result, noncommercial radio and television stations continue to be required to file their biennial ownership reports every two years by the anniversary date of the station’s license renewal application filing deadline.