The most recent development in the saga of Ren Re’s finite reinsurance story is a civil enforcement action by the SEC alleging federal securities fraud against Ren Re’s founder and former CEO and Chairman, James Stanard. After a bench trial, the court entered a detailed set of findings and conclusions, concluding that the accounting for one of the reinsurance transactions at issue had been fraudulent. The court found Stanard liable for violations of the anti-fraud provisions of Securities Act Section 17(a) and Exchange Act Section 10(b). The court also determined that Stanard violated Exchange Act Rule 13(a)-14, Rule 13b2-1 (Falsification of Accounting Records), Rule 13b2-2, 13(b)(5) and found Stanard liable for aiding and abetting liability for the above violations.

The court entered a final judgment permanently enjoining Stanard from future violations of the federal securities laws but did not bar him from serving as an officer or director of a public company in the future. The court ordered Stanard to pay $100,000 as a civil penalty. SEC v. Standard, Merritt & Cash, Case No. 06-7736 (USDC S.D.N.Y. Jan. 27, 2009).