On March 16, 2015, the House passed three healthcare bills, which now go to the Senate for approval.  The first bill is the Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility (NOTICE) Act (H.R. 876), which would require hospitals to notify patients when they are in observation status.  Second, the Improving Regulatory Transparency for New Medical Therapies Act (H.R. 639) would amend the Drug Enforcement Administration’s scheduling process for new FDA-approved drugs under the Controlled Substances Act.  Third, the Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Improvement Act of 2015 (H.R. 284) would require bidders in the DMEPOS competitive bidding program to meet state licensure requirements for items in the submitted bid for a product category and to obtain a bid surety bond.   Click on the links below for the congressional summaries of H.R. 876H.R. 639, and H.R. 284.