On April 29, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Transportation and Air Quality released a report to Congress titled Second Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program. The Diesel Emissions Reduction Program provides funding for the phase out of older diesel engines and is part of a larger effort to retrofit 11 million diesel engines. The grants, which were given to 350 recipients to retrofit or replace over 50,000 diesel engines, are expected to yield $8.2 billion in health benefits and save 205 million gallons of fuel over the lifetime of the engines. The report said the current economic environment has meant drastic cuts to the program; it received $60 million in the fiscal year 2009 (FY09) budget but is slated to receive only $6 million in the FY14 budget. The report said these cuts mean the program will rely more heavily on state and local agencies. To accommodate the cuts, the EPA narrowed the program’s focus to concentrate on areas with high emissions levels.