PRA updates on BRRD: PRA has published an update on its proposals for implementing the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). It says it expects to have the power to make its final rules in January 2015 and plans to publish them, with a policy and supervisory statement, towards the middle of January. (Source: PRA Updates on BRRD)

PRA updates authorisation web pages: PRA has updated its website pages on various aspects of authorisations. There are new, or changed, pages on:

  • approved persons;
  • amending/withdrawing an approval;
  • submitting, assessing and determining an approved persons application;
  • change in control;
  • new firm authorisation; 
  • submitting, assessing and determining a change in control; 
  • variation of permission (VoP); and 
  • submitting, assessing and determining a VoP. 

(Source: PRA - Authorisations)