The Defence Procurement Directive (2009/81/EC) introduces new procurement rules for contracting authorities and other entities which purchase military and other equipment or related works and services for sensitive defence or security purposes. The new rules are due to be implemented in the UK by 20 August 2011. Although the rules are mandatory, there is some flexibility over the manner in which aspects of the rules can be implemented. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has therefore issued a consultation to seek stakeholder views. The consultation will take place in two stages. Interested stakeholders are requested to respond by 10 March 2010 to a series of question recently published on the MoD and Office of Government Commerce websites. Responses will be considered during the drafting process. A second consultation will take case during 2010 based on an initial draft of the proposed Regulations. The implementation of the rules are likely to raise a number of interesting issues for debate including questions over ensuring security of information and of supply, and the duration of framework agreements.

Defence Procurement Directive

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