The IRS recently released Notice 2014-35 providing IRS penalty relief for failing to timely file the Form 5500 series.  These penalties are in addition to those that the DOL could impose under ERISA. Under the Notice, the IRS will not impose penalties for failing to file a required Form 5500, Form 5500-SF, or Form 8955-SSA if (1) the requirements of the DOL’s Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (“DFVC”) related to a delinquent Form 5500 series return are met and (2) a Form 8955-SSA is filed with the IRS, along with any information required to be filed for the year to which the DFVC filing relates, by the later of 30 calendar days after the DFVC filing is completed or December 1, 2014.  The Notice can be found here.