We previously reported that Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina was being sued by the Machinists Union for publicly making strong anti-union comments shortly after taking office in January of this year.

This month, a federal judge ruled that Haley did not violate the constitutional or federal labor law rights of the union. The union argued that Haley violated its First Amendment rights. The court disagreed, finding that Haley used a "pervasive and mundane" type of rhetoric that a reasonable person would view as spotlighting the state's pro-management laws and not as a "threat of imminent regulation."

Haley's comments were made in connection with the state's support of Boeing's efforts to bring a Dreamliner assembly line to its recently acquired facility in North Charleston. Haley said, "There's no secret I don't like the unions . . . I will do everything I can to defend the fact that we are a right-to-work state. . . we are pro-business by nature. I want us to continue to be pro-business."