On 13 August 2018 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released its Notification on the Network Security Inspection of the Telecom and Internet Industry in 2018.(1)

According to the notification, the inspection will cover the networks and systems established and operated by, among other players, internet enterprises and domain name registration administration and service organisations licensed by telecoms regulators. Key targets of the inspection include major Internet of Things platforms and the information service platforms of online taxi-hailing services and connected vehicles, including with respect to:

  • network infrastructures;
  • the collection of user information and network data;
  • systems for centralised storage and processing;
  • enterprise portals and billing systems;
  • domain name systems;
  • email systems;
  • mobile application stores;
  • mobile application and back-end systems;
  • public cloud service platforms;
  • public wireless local area networks; and
  • public video surveillance cameras.

The Cybersecurity Law, the Administrative Measures for the Security Protection of Communication Networks and the Provisions on Protecting the Personal Information of Telecommunications and Internet Users provide the legal basis and criteria for the inspection.

Among other things, the MIIT has instructed all of the above entities to file their protection gradings or amend such gradings for their live networks and systems through the MIIT's online system.

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(1) Gong Xin Ting Wang An Han [2018] 261. Further information is available in Chinese here.

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