On July 25, FERC approved a Stipulation and Consent Agreement (Consent Agreement) between the Office of Enforcement (Enforcement) and Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing, L.L.C. (ENPM). ENPM agreed to pay a civil penalty of $115,000 and to pay disgorgement of $47,084, plus interest. ENPM is a business unit of Entergy Corporation and was the lead market participant for the Rhode Island State Energy Center (RISE) – a 575 MW two-unit combined-cycle natural gas generation facility owned by ENPM’s affiliate, Entergy Rhode Island State Energy, L.P. Enforcement investigated whether ENPM violated 18 C.F.R. §§ 35.41(a) and (b) and ISO New England Inc.’s (ISO-NE) Tariff, Market Rule 1 § III. (“Energy Market Offer Requirements”) and § III.1.10.1A(d) (“Day Ahead Energy Market Scheduling”) when ENPM: 1) failed to timely act in response to a natural gas pipeline notice restricting interruptible fuel transportation service, leading ENPM to have insufficient fuel to meet dispatch instructions at one gas-fired power plant, and 2) failed to timely update its open supply offer or otherwise notify ISO-NE of its potential inability to meet dispatch instructions after the notice was issued. Enforcement determined that ENPM’s violations were the result of a failure to exercise sufficient diligence to ensure that RISE was able to meet its dispatch obligations. Other factors considered in reaching the proposed penalty included: the lack of any intent to commit the violations; steps ENPM has taken to ensure that repeat violations will not occur; the absence of significant market harm caused by the violations; ENPM’s full cooperation with the investigation; and ENPM’s resolution of this investigation without a hearing. As set forth in the Consent Agreement, ENPM stipulates to the facts but does not admit violations of Energy Market Offer Requirements and Day Ahead Energy Market Scheduling. FERC concluded that the Consent Agreement was a fair and equitable resolution of the matters concerned and is in the public interest, as it reflects the nature and seriousness of ENPM’s conduct.