In the latest development of Guaranteed Trust Life’s ("GTL") suit for reinsurance benefits from First Student Programs, the Northern District of Illinois granted in full third party defendant American United Life’s ("AUL") motion to dismiss. After previously granting in part and denying in part AUL’s motion to dismiss, the court invited the parties to readdress the issues of res judicata. In fully granting AUL’s motion in the instant order, the court determined that, even though First Student Programs was not a party to the arbitration between GTL and AUL, it was in privity with GTL. The court concluded that because the two companies’ claims against AUL arose out of the same alleged breach of contract, were based on the same legal and factual arguments, and rested on a contractual relationship between the two companies, Illinois’ privity test was met. Accordingly, First Student Programs’ claim agasint AUL was precluded by the arbitration award against AUL. Guarantee Trust Life Ins. v. First Student Programs, LLC, Case No. 05 C 1261 (N.D. Ill Sept. 9, 2009).