In a class action involving the payment of benefits under supplemental cancer insurance policies, Judge Susan Webber Wright of the Eastern District of Arkansas denied plaintiffs’ motion for class certification on numerous grounds. Judge Wright held that the named plaintiffs, who had already been paid substantial cash benefits under their policies, had a fundamental conflict of interest with absent class members because the relief that these plaintiffs requested would have driven up premium rates for absent class members. This “antagonistic” interest rendered the named plaintiffs inadequate class representatives. The court also held that the plaintiffs’ claims were not “typical” within the meaning of Rule 23, and that the individual nature of policyholder claims, each of which involved different medical conditions, medical providers, dates of service, and a host of other individual facts, created manageability problems and destroyed predominance under Rule 23(b)(3). The court held that certification under Rule 23(b)(2) was also impermissible given the substantial claims for money damages involved in the case. Jorden Burt represented the defendant in this case.