The current definition of power connection line (“liittymisjohto” in Finnish) is proposed to be broadened to cover also connection lines that connect together several power plants. Thus connecting several power plants, for example wind mills, to the grid would be easier and connection costs would be reduced. Furthermore, in networks within a piece of real estate undertakings would be provided with the same right as consumers currently have to freely tender for the supplier of electricity and the real estate owner could no longer limit this right.

Regarding gas networks, the proposal lays down the right to access to the gas network for production of gas from renewable sources. Producers of such gas would have the right to connect to the network and transfer the gas to end users. The access rights are similar to the ones regarding the power grid. i.e. provided that technical requirements are met, the gas network operator should upon request and for reasonable compensation connect plants producing gas from renewable sources to the network.

The regime concerning gas produced from renewable sources means that the normal regulated network access procedure would be applied to gas produced from renewable sources without the corresponding limitations that are applied to transfer of natural gas transfer under the isolated market exceptions.