Senate Public Utilities Chairman Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) has suggested that Ohio may want to “consider disregarding the Obama administration’s pending rules on greenhouse gas emissions,” according to a recentGongwer report, but not everyone agrees with that idea. Seitz is referring to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Clean Power Plan, released this past June (for more on this, see our June 5, 2014 blog post). Seitz, who “led the charge to roll back” Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards, said that roll back “might be the best way to take advantage of flexibility allowed in the U.S. EPA’s draft rule,” which gives states options in how they meet the proposed benchmarks. Seitz also questions whether the EPA has authority to impose the plan on the states, quoting former U.S. EPA general counsel Roger Martella, who said, “[t]here’s a very significant question about how EPA can force states to switch from coal to natural gas and to rely increasingly on renewables when there’s no authority for EPA to do that themselves.” Brennan Howell of the Ohio Environmental Council, however, said the Supreme Court is likely to affirm the EPA’s authority to enforce the Clean Power Plan, saying the Court “has ruled in the past several times that the U.S. EPA has the obligation and right to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.”