Please see below for an update of the key Brexit news stories from today:

  • The Brexit negotiations could be in a stalemate for months unless the UK agrees to honour all its financial commitments, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has suggested at the end of the latest round of talks. (The Guardian)
  • Despite this, Brexit Secretary David Davis has said that “decisive steps forward” have been made in the latest round of UK-EU talks. Mr Davis was speaking at the end of the first talks since Theresa May’s speech in Italy last week, in which she said the UK wanted a two-year transition. (BBC)
  • Bank of England Governor Mark Carney told Theresa May that he will not “shut up” about Brexit. Carney has spent more than a year under criticism from U.K. lawmakers for appearing to take sides in the Brexit debate and for being too gloomy in his forecasts. In a speech at a conference to celebrate 20 years of BOE independence on Thursday, he told the audience, which included the prime minister, that he would continue to express his views on the matter. (Bloomberg)
  • Theresa May has said she will speak to Scotland’s first minister in a bid to end the Brexit deadlock between the two governments. The Scottish government has accused the UK government of using Brexit as an excuse for a “power grab” on the devolved parliaments. (BBC)
  • The bill designed to transfer EU law into UK law in preparation for Brexit will give ministers “excessively wide” powers, a committee of peers has said. The committee examined the delegated powers conferred on the government by the EU Withdrawal Bill. It said Parliament, not ministers, should decide how much scrutiny the powers receive. (BBC)