Last week, the IRS released a revised Form 990 Schedule H (Hospitals) for the 2010 filing year (fiscal years beginning in 2010) which incorporates questions to address the additional requirements imposed on tax-exempt hospitals by Code section 501(r).  

The changes to Schedule H are reflected in Part V (Facility Information) and Part VI (Supplemental Information). Because Code section 501(r) requires that a hospital organization meet the PPACA requirements with respect to each of its hospital facilities, Part V has been expanded to include a new Section A, entitled “Hospital Facilities,” which directs an organization to list its facilities that were required to be licensed, registered or similarly recognized as a hospital under state law. A new Section B in Part V, entitled “Facility Policy and Practices,” must be completed for each of the hospital facilities listed in Section A and requires an indication of each facility’s compliance with the policies and practices addressed in Code section 501(r) through a series of “yes/no” and “check all that apply” questions. Certain responses to these questions must be explained in greater detail in Part VI. A hospital organization that is required to complete Part V, Section B must also attach its audited financial statements for the tax year to its Form 990. Part V also includes a new Section C, in which the organization must list all of the non-hospital health care facilities that it operated during the tax year.