California Air Resources Board(CARB) Chairwoman Mary Nichols told state lawmakers yesterday that California will now begin implementation of its cap and trade system in January of 2013. Nichols said that regulators need more time to implement the cap-and-trade system. The cap-and-trade system had been tied up in a legal battle until the State was granted the ability to move forward with plans to begin the program in January 2012. Now, just a few days later Nichols has determined it is in the best interest of the state to tap the brakes on the process. Nichols said that the rules will be in place by January of 2012 allowing for a slow roll-out process to guarantee stakeholders that everything will move as smoothly as possible when implementation begins in January 2013. Nichols said it “gives us the year 2012 in order to work our stress tests, go through any issues anyone might raise ... and be able to come up with the answers before anyone actually has to demonstrate they're in compliance."