The Association of Clean Water Administrators (“ACWA”) has issued a January 26th position paper titled:

Priorities for State Water Quality Programs in the New Administration

The ACWA describes itself as the:

. . .independent, nonpartisan, national organization of state, interstate and territorial water program managers, who on a daily basis implement the water quality programs of the federal Clean Water Act.

The position paper urges that the “Trump Transition team” consider a number of “critical issues, opportunities and needs to ensure that the United States Environmental Agency (“EPA”) and the state water quality programs continue to make progress on improving the nation’s water quality.”

Critical issues are described as:

  • The Importance of Co-Regulator Relationship
  • Need for Prioritization of Issues with Co-Regulators
  • Opportunities to Strengthen the Co-Regulator Relationship
  • Fully fund critical CWA programs that support state co-regulator effort
    • State and Tribal Assistance Grants, §106 grant funding
    • § 319 Non-Point Source Management Program
    • State Clean Water Revolving Fund Program