InvestPic appeals from a Northern District of Texas decision finding the claims of its patent invalid under 35 U.S.C. § 101. InvestPic’s claims are directed to a performance model of an investor’s portfolio through predictive computer simulation of investment behavior based on the application of user-defined investments under user-defined market conditions. The district court found that the claims were directed to “nothing more than mathematical calculations and data manipulation.”

InvestPic argues that the district court erred because the claimed invention constitutes a patent-eligible advancement in the established technological field of data science. It asserts that the claims are directed to the improvement of a known computerized method and system using specific rules and user-defined criteria. SAP argues that the claims are directed to the abstract idea of biased resampling to achieve an improved prediction of market behavior. It asserts that the invention is merely a mathematical solution to a data problem, amounts to mere data analysis, and fails to add meaningful limitations amounting to an inventive concept sufficient for patentability.