The long awaited Fluidigm Corp. IPO is pricing at $13.50 according to a news report dated February 10, 2011. Fluidigm commercializes microfluidics, which is an important element of nanotechnology and life sciences.

A recent S-1A statement from Fluidigm is also provided (Form S-1/A filed February 7, 2011).

As of today, in another recent high tech IPO, the Neophotonics stock is trading significantly up at $18.57 (see our prior post on Neophotonics).

These are exciting, interesting times for those who follow commercialization of advanced technology, as the IPO market attempts to revitalize in 2011, while at the same time, the proper mix of private and public investment in high technology is ascertained with a new Republican Congress. What and who will make the money? If there is now a commercial success, is there government investment in the history contributing to the success?