The Hong Kong Government in December 2015 proposed amendments to the Hong Kong Arbitration Ordinance (Chapter 609 of Hong Kong Law) to confirm that disputes over the subsistence, scope, validity, ownership, scope, infringement or any other aspect of an intellectual property (“IP”) right can be submitted to arbitration in Hong Kong.   To further encourage IP arbitration, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (“HKIAC”) launched a new Panel of Arbitrators for Intellectual Property Disputes (“Panel”) in March 2016. The Panel is a specialist IP panel of arbitrators composed of leading experts in handling IP cases. It includes 30 members who have diverse backgrounds, speak a total of 7 languages, and practice from 12 jurisdictions.  The Panel is the primary source for HKIAC’s appointment of arbitrators for IP cases and is separate from HKIAC’s regular Panel or List of Arbitrators.   The proposed amendments and the establishment of the Panel demonstrate the Hong Kong Government’s desire and commitment to build Hong Kong as a global arbitral centre for the resolution of IP disputes. In particular, non-U.S. companies may find the Panel to be a viable alternative to U.S. courts for handling complex IP disputes internationally.