Last Friday, companies filed a lawsuit to prevent California EPA from putting bisphenol A (BPA) on the state’s Proposition 65 list. The Prop 65 list is for chemicals that are potentially dangerous to human health. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) opposes an Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) proposal that would include BPA on the list as a reproductive toxin. ACC believes OEHHA is trying to find a way to bypass a previous finding by scientific experts that reviewed the same evidence and concluded BPA should not be on the Prop 65 list. How could the agency ignore the advice of its own scientific panel and choose to do something different? And if the agency is going to do such a thing, how can companies trust decisions they have made previously or will make in the future? That is exactly what ACC wants the answers to and they are hopeful that this suit will answer them and thwart OEHHA’s attempt to list BPA on the Prop 65 list.