CMA has published its second annual report on how concurrency arrangements have operated over the past year. CMA notes that there has been improved coordination between CMA and other sector regulators and that cooperation within the regime has extended beyond competition enforcement activity to broader policy and markets work. Key messages from the report included:

  • there has been a clear enforcement focus on delivery of the ongoing competition cases within the regulated sectors;
  • there has been significant markets work undertaken in the regulated sectors, with CMA progressing its two major ongoing market investigations into energy and retail banking and a number of market studies conducted by the regulators within their sectors;
  • there has been a clear increase in joint working between CMA and the sector regulators across the competition toolkit; and
  • there has been good cooperation between CMA and other sector regulators, with new Memoranda of Understanding, the sharing of information and work undertaken by the UK Competition Network to encourage the sharing of expertise where common issues arise across sectors.

CMA recognises that it needs to improve its collective record of decision-making in competition cases and that the number of cases opened is below the desired level. (Source: CMA publishes annual report on concurrency)