Meanwhile, possibly smelling blood, the German labor organization IG Metall announced in November that it is establishing an office in Spring Hill, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville that has a General Motors plant. IG Metall apparently plans to coordinate activities for organizing across the South with the UAW and to continue to push the idea of European-styled work councils. In a press statement, IG Metall noted that approximately 100,000 U.S. workers are employed by German auto companies, and that the vast majority in the South are not represented by a union. Both IG Metall and the UAW have said that auto workers in the South are not getting a fair share of the benefits of what the unions claim is an improved market for automobile manufacturers. Look for the UAW and IG Metall to continue the organizing efforts at Volkswagen and to attempt to establish a union presence among suppliers to Volkswagen and other automakers. The unions are expected to probe for weak links among suppliers, who may lack the resources, skill, experience, or will to counter the unions’ efforts to gain membership and bargaining rights.