This week, HUD published a request for applications for the Moving to Work (MTW) Program. The solicitation, Notice PIH 2012-16, would add four new public housing agencies (HAs) to MTW.

MTW participants are granted flexibility to design and test local strategies for providing housing assistance and services to low-income families. Participants may combine HUD public housing and housing choice voucher (HCV) assistance into a single “block” grant and may implement policies that vary from many HUD public housing and HCV requirements under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 and its implementing regulations.

Applications are limited to HAs designated as “high performers” under the Public Housing Assessment System and that administer no more than 5,000 aggregate HCVs and public housing units. The request for applications includes additional threshold criteria for applications, including compliance with HUD reporting, Capital Funds and ARRA obligation and expenditure deadlines, meeting Section 3 requirements, and absence of unaddressed findings from various HUD or the HUD Inspector General reviews.

Additionally, applicants must agree to design and test a rent reform controlled study (including a random assignment process for participants to treatment and control groups) and to implement either a housing choice mobility demonstration or a detailed MTW block grant evaluation.

Applications are due to HUD by 5 p.m. EST on June 27, 2012, and must include an MTW plan, evidence of community and resident input, an HA Board resolution approving the MTW application and plan, and additional information specified in the request for applications.