The Government of Canada held an online public consultation on a digital economy strategy for Canada. The website is continuously updated and can be found here.

The consultation process began on May 10th 2010 and officially closed on July 13th 2010. According to a statement, made by Minister Clement on the consultation website, more than 2000 individuals and organisations made submissions and comments to the Digital Economy Consultation. The number of people and organisations who actively took part shows how successful this consultation was. Many of the organisations involved made submissions based on ideas and comments made by their members which often included many thousands of people.

The Government of Canada is now in the process of reviewing all submissions and comments made in order to develop Canada's first Digital Economy Strategy. This is an important step for Canada since many countries, such as New Zealand, already have a strategy in place. All submissions and comments made can be viewed at the consultation website.

FilmOntario, a private sector consortium of stakeholders in Ontario's screen-based industries, made a submission on behalf of all their members on July 9th 2010. The FilmOntario submission is called "Canada's Digital Economy Strategy Through Content". The submission concluded with nine recommendations to the Government of Canada which are based on three main components:

  1. Completing the transition from analogue to digital,
  2. Becoming globally and economically competitive through increasing investment in professional development; and
  3. Increasing intellectual property development and ensure Canada's copyright laws are strengthened and digitally compatible.

If implements, FilmOntario stated that their recommendations will

bring economic growth and jobs, and Canadian screen-based content producers and distributors will be positioned to have a significant impact on the global market.

Given the number and variety of submissions received during the consultation period, we look forward to seeing which concepts and ideas find their way into the next stage of the development of Canada's Digital Economy Strategy.