Following our previous Q&A concerning the new Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 (the Regulations), there are two key updates:

  1. A final version of the guidance accompanying the Regulations has now been published by Acas and the Government Equalities Office.
  2. The government website where employers must report (in addition to on their own websites), is now operational.

At the time of publishing this update, eight employers have reported their results. This provides a helpful indication to employers (who have yet to report) on how their results will be published on the government website. The website does not show any voluntary narratives. It is possible, however, that the website will be updated to provide for narratives in due course. This is, perhaps, particularly likely given the increased emphasis on the provision of narratives in the final version of the guidance. Narratives do, however, remain voluntary. They are likely to be helpful where an employer wants to provide context (e.g. to explain any gaps or anomalies, or to send a positive message regarding steps they will be taking to address any gaps).

If you have any questions regarding the final version of the guidance, or your reporting obligations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Private sector employers, with at least 250 employees, must publish their first gender pay gap report by no later than April 4, 2018. The new gender pay gap reporting regime is separate, and in addition to, other corporate reporting requirements.