The election manifestos of the Greens, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and UKIP were not available when our 22 May newsletter was written. As promised, we now outline the employment related commitments being put forward by those parties.

The Green Party's manifesto includes commitments to introduce a maximum 35 hour, four day working week, with the abolition of "exploitative" zero-hour contracts. The minimum wage will be increased to £10 an hour by 2020. The gender pay gap will be ended (although how this will be achieved is not outlined in the manifesto) and new legal requirements will ensure women will make up 40% of public company and public sector boards.

The SNP's manifesto contains some similar commitments, with a vow to increase the minimum wage to the level of the real Living Wage, ban "exploitative" zero-hours contracts and take action to close the gender pay gap. The party also supports repeal of the Trade Union Act 2016.

Given that employment policy is not a devolved area, Plaid Cymru's manifesto contains few specific employment-related commitments, although it wants to introduce an independently verified living wage for public sector contracts in Wales.

UKIP's manifesto focus is on "British jobs for British workers", with a commitment to require employers to advertise jobs to British citizens before offering them overseas. Employers will be able to recruit an unemployed British person aged under 25 in preference to better qualified or more experienced foreign applicants should they wish to do so. The manifesto also repeats earlier promises to preserve worker rights after Brexit, improve enforcement of the national minimum wage and limit the use of zero hour contracts.