The Government’s May Construction Strategy set out its plans to reduce public sector construction costs by up to 20% by the end of this parliament. Measures identified include establishing the Government Construction Board (an evolution of the existing  Construction Clients Board) with responsibility for overseeing consistent implementation of the Infrastructure Cost Implementation Plan and the new Strategy, actions coming out of the Government response to the James education review, the McNulty rail review and future reports relating to construction. It will have sight of all direct Government construction expenditure and expenditure on infrastructure commissioned outside Government.

The strategy also sets out the principles of an alternative approach to procurement and says the Government will move towards using only standard forms of contract with minimal amendment for all new central government procurement activity. Other measures include requiring fully collaborative 3D Building Information Modelling as a minimum by 2016, exploring the use of integrated project insurance to support new procurement models and speeding cash flow through the supply chain through fair payment provisions. For full details see: uk/sites/default/files/resources/Government-Construction-Strategy.pdf