On 17 September 2008, the European Commission (Commission) announced that it has taken two State aid decisions in relation to Olympic Airlines and Olympic Airways Services. The first deals with the privatisation of the two companies. Under the proposal, three entities will be created: (i) an airline taking over 65% of the capacity of Olympic Airlines and use of the Olympic Airways brand and logo; (ii) a ground-handling company; and (iii) a maintenance company. The remainder of the airline companies will be liquidated. An independent monitoring trustee will oversee the privatisation and ensure compliance. The arrangement is similar to that undertaken in relation to the liquidation of Sabena and creation of Brussels Airlines. The Commission concluded that this proposal does not give rise to State aid. The second decision concerns the Commission’s conclusions following its in-depth investigation into aid payments to the airlines. The findings were that the companies have received illegal aid totalling over €850m since September 2005.