Courts have continued to confirm arbitration awards. Recent decisions include one that characterizes the manifest disregard of law doctrine in the Seventh Circuit as being part of the statutory ground relating to the scope of the arbitrators’ authority.

  • Manifest disregard of law: Doerflein v. Pruco Securities, LLC, Case No. 07-738 (USDC S.D.In. Jan 30, 2009) (confirming award, rejecting challenges to how arbitration was conducted and manifest disregard of law; states that manifest disregard of law is an example of an arbitrator exceeding his/her authority under the FAA).
  • Binding arbitration agreement: Cline v. Chase Manhattan Bank USA, N.A., Case No. 07-728 (USDC D.Ut. Jan. 29, 2009) (confirmed over objection that there was no binding arbitration agreement).