The Supreme Court of the United States announced its decision in one case this morning:

Wood v. Milyard, No. 10-9995: After a state prisoner filed a federal habeas corpus petition, the state twice informed the federal district court that it “[would] not challenge, but [is] not conceding, the timeliness of [the] habeas petition.” The district court rejected the habeas claims on the merits. On appeal, the Tenth Circuit affirmed the denial of the petition, but solely on the ground that it was untimely. Today, the Court held that a court is not at liberty to excuse a state’s deliberate waiver of a limitations defense, and that the Tenth Circuit accordingly abused its discretion by resurrecting the limitations issue instead of reviewing the district court’s disposition on the merits of the habeas claims, for which review it remanded the matter.

The Court’s opinion is available here.