European Parliament approves new copyright rules for the internet. They will have huge influence on sharing online content with respect to the copyright protection. It is important to note that the Directive was fully adopted, including the disputable provisions (Article 11 and Article 13) which affected prior public discussions on “copyright vs right to freedom of speech”.

Indeed, Article 11 provides publishers’ copyrights with protection in case of digital use of their press publications. It requires permission for such use on a contract basis, licensing and payment respectively. This would affect referrals and excerpts when a site relies on other web material. The same goes for the content that is generated when you share an article on social networks.

On the other hand, Article 13 imposes obligations on information society service providers that store and provide to the public access to large amounts of works uploaded by their users. These providers shall take measures to guarantee that rightsholders’ works are exploitered and shared only by virtue of agreement with the rightsholders. That means platforms such as YouTube shall implement content recognition tools which filter works infringing copyrights.

The Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market was adopted earlier today in plenary by 348 votes in favour, 274 against and 36 abstentions. The EU member states will have 24 months to implement the Directive into their national legislation.