The Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued general administrative rules governing the application requirements for natural gas transportation, storage, distribution, liquefaction, regasification, compression, decompression and retail permits, and for permits for the management of natural gas integrated systems. The guidelines were published in the Federal Register.

The new natural gas permit application guidelines set out the information and documentation required to apply for a permit to undertake any of the activities indicated above, and the timeframes and procedures applicable thereto. According to the guidelines, permit applications must include (among other things):

  • a description of the project, including the design and technical specifications of the facilities and equipment to be used;
  • a written commitment to obtain the guarantees and insurance required by the competent authorities; and
  • a description of the relevant conditions to ensure continuity of service.

The guidelines also require applicants to file, along with their permit application, acknowledgement of receipt of the social impact assessment filed with the Ministry of Energy.

In parallel, the Federal Commission for Regulatory Improvement (COFEMER) published draft general administrative rules establishing the requirements and formats to apply for liquefied petroleum gas storage, transportation, distribution and retail sale permits. The proposed guidelines for liquefied petroleum gas-related permits will be open to public comment on the COFEMER website until their approval by COFEMER.

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