The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice issued a draft bill on the redress of mass damages in a collective action on July 7, 2014. Under existing law, collective actions may be used to reach a judgment on liability, but no mechanism had been provided to force a liable party to pay the claims. The proposal would establish a five-step process that focuses on negotiation and mediation to resolve damages disputes and develop the means, or “scheme,” to provide redress. The first step involves consideration of whether legal entities bringing the collective claims have relevant expertise, can provide adequate representation and will safeguard the interests of putative class members who must be sufficiently numerous to justify the use of the collective damages mechanism. The entity must also have attempted to secure redress “amicably.” If these requirements have been met, the court would then decide whether the defendant is liable and then guide negotiations to reach a collective settlement of the mass damages claim, including how class members will be compensated and the manner in which absent class members can be joined. Comments on the proposal are requested by October 1, 2014.